Infinity Luxe Hybrid Cream Dyes

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Infinity Luxe Hybrid Cream-Style Tint

Over 12 months in development, we have created the first Luxe Hybrid tint range with all our Hybrid know-how.

7 cream shades that have been lovingly developed with the Brow-obsessed in mind, we have taken all the best parts of the hybrid brow products we know and love and used all our technical knowledge to improve on the parts we know we don’t like.

#1 Coco (Darkest Black)

#2 Tiffany (Blue Black)

#3 Louis (Dark Brown)

#4 Stella (Medium Brown)

#5 Dolce (Lightest Brown)

#6 McQueen (Warm Toner)

#7 Oxford (Ash Toner)

Our creamy, nourish-loaded formula is suitable for both stand-alone Hybrid Brows and is excellent when paired with your chosen Brow Lamination kit.

We have eradicated the need to counter skin undertones, but without losing any of the longevity we come to expect from our favourite Hybrid Tint range.

7-10 days on properly prepared skin & up to 6 weeks on the hair.

As a full brow colour & toning system, you can mix your shades to the desired final result, and our Lift and Tint Palette can be used to nail those ratios.

And of course, not forgetting the PUMP bottle developer, less waste, more accuracy and no more banging bottles off your shelf to get that last bit of product

Each Tube can do over 40 sets of brows, which gives you nearly 300 sets of brows from this one kit!