InLei 'Mr Fix' Brow Lamination Adhesive

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Brow Lamination Glue "Mr Fix" has been specially created to hold eyebrow hairs in the desired position during the Brow Bomber treatment.
  • Fully tested, and deemed safe to come into contact with the skin
  • Soft and flexible texture
  • Slightly longer drying time (compared to InLei® Fixing Gel) to help create the perfect shape of the eyebrow, getting the hairs exactly where you want them
  • Water-soluble, which makes it easy to remove with just water
  • Special formula allows the substances of the perm to pass through and work on the hair structure
  • Mister Fix does not alter the formula of the perm solutions or tint, and does not compromise the final result
  • Airless bottle that completely avoids contact with air, extending the life of the glue
  • Special design of the bottle allows you to dose the product precisely, avoiding waste
  • Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin with incredible results: not only it has been classified as non-irritating, but it has also shown zero irritation on all volunteers on whom it has been tested
  • Transparent colour helps with accuracy 
  • 100% formulated in Italy
  • 15ml, lasting for up to 35 treatments
  • for professional use only