We're a husband + wife duo who came up with the idea of 11:11 Beauty Pro many moons ago in our living room and after many couch conversations and a few major life setbacks, we were finally able to bring her to life in March 2023 and boy, hasn't it been a wild ride so far, life's chaotic with 2 small kids and running a family business but we're all absolutely LOVING it! 
Skye has been in the beauty industry since 2010. I have worked both locally and internationally in Beauty Salons and in 2019 really found my love for Brow and Lash artistry, so opened up my own business specialising in those areas. As much I LOVES being on the floor (and chatting away all day to my clients), I had always struggled being able to find a one-stop-shop locally that stocked up and coming products I was using, which always left me waiting by the mailbox, waiting for Mr. Mailman to deliver all of ze brow and lash goodness! 
Gab has been in the plumbing biz FOREVER and now has taken a step back to focus on our family business. Don't let a husband going into a beauty business with his wife fool you, he doesn't get Gladys as a nickname for no reason - he knows quite the thing or two about the beauty industry (after all of Skye's yapping) you'll be surprisingly impressed! You'll most likely catch Gab on the arvo delivery run alongside our 2-year-old daughter, Gigi, who will probably not say a word to you in person unless you can offer her a good bribe (haha!) and also baby Alby (the poor 2nd child who gets dragged around everywhere in the capsule for all things business) 
Since having our first mini in 2022, we started talking about our family business more seriously and what our future looked like in more of a long-term perspective. 11:11 Beauty Pro offers shipping Australia wide as well as Internationally however, we also really wanted to focus on WHY we started this business in the first place and that was to also create a community for all of our local salons and therapists, so that they too could stop waiting for the mailman and be working their brow and lash magic faster with the option of 11:11's same day local delivery service.
If your business is within our Newcastle/ Lake Mac Local Delivery Zoning Area, you are eligible for same day delivery (Monday-Friday). An absolute game-changer and something that is not done here locally! Just call us your fairy godmother.. and father! 😉🧚‍♂️
One final huge THANK YOU for helping support our dream. Your support allows 11:11 to grow and expand and the team is SO EXCITED to pack and order with  love for you soon!