ÉLAN Supersonic Brow + Lash Lamination Kit (Step 1 Clear)

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Serum 1 (CLEAR), Serum 2 + Multivitor - 10ml each

Serum 1: 

Serum 1 is the solution used for the FIRST part of the eyebrow and eyelash flexing procedure. The product softens the hair cuticle, opens the cuticle scales and penetrates deeply into the hairs. Due to the combination of two different relaxing agents and two different alkalising agents, the serum remodels quickly and efficiently disulphide bonds in the hairs, thus reducing the procedure time. The nourishing keratin- and collagen-based complex protects the hairs from dehydration and fragility as well as retains moisture inside them. 

This kit includes CLEAR version of Step 1.

Serum 2: 

Serum 2 is the solution used for the SECOND part of the eyebrow and eyelash flexing procedure. The ideal formulation of the product ensures the maximum interaction with Serum 1, facilitates fixation of the newly-formed bonds in the hairs and provides the expected result. The conditioning complex on the base of polymers and argan oil, combined with hydrolysed collagen, ensures the ultimate protection of the hairs. 

Multivitor/Step 3:

Multivitor is the solution used for the THIRD (final) part of the eyebrow and eyelash flexing procedure. The patented component MULTIVIT SHUTTLE, combined with soybean and wheat plant components as well as betaine, keratin and protective polymers, provide efficient regeneration of the hairs and their natural pH level.